Thermal Roll Lamination Machines — Advantages Over Pouch Laminators And Important Considerations

Posted by Arthur Cooper on

Documents that are important to you and must be preserved — should be laminated. Lamination allows you to protect your documents from damage that can be caused by regular wear and tear, such as spills, smudges, rips, water, and other damaging elements. Also, it makes the document more pleasing to look at. Among the different types of lamination machines available out there, heated roll laminators are quite popular and widely used. Heated or thermal roll lamination machines make use of heated rollers to adhere to thermal films at the point of contact with the item. Advantages Over Pouch Laminators Just like pouch...

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Change the Way You Laminate with the World’s First Fully Automated Desktop Laminator: GBC Foton 30

Posted by Michael White on

Though pouch and roll laminators have been the standard-bearers of the lamination industry for a long time and still work fine in small operations, when it comes to lamination at a large scale, they fail! The time and energy required to operate pouch and roll laminators make the laminating process both daunting and prohibitively expensive. Regardless of how quickly the laminator runs, the manual effort required to insert and feed is slow, tedious and has a significant margin for error pertaining to skew and position of the print. Thankfully, with the advent of new automated lamination technology, there is now...

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