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Dahle Shred Bags

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Product Specs

  • Item 20723: For use with Dahle 8 gal. Shredders (200/box)
  • Item 20724: For use with Dahle 11 gal. Shredders (100/box)
  • Item 20725: For use with Dahle 23 & 30 gal. Shredders (100/box)
  • Item 20726: For use with Dahle 38 gal. & larger Shredders (100/box)
  • Item 20736: For use with Dahle 56-70 gal. Shredders (100/box)
  • Item 20737: For use with Dahle 71-120 Shredders (100/box)

Dahle Shred Bags are a convenient way to contain your shredded waste until it is ready for disposal. Each bag features gusseted sides to expand to the maximum capacity of your shredder cabinet.

A small supply of shred bags are included with your new Dahle shredder and additional bags can be purchased at any time.

  • For easy disposal of shredded material
  • Gusseted sides expand to maximum capacity
  • Durable plastic reduces tears
  • Reduces mess and particle clean-up
  • 100 per box