Thermal Roll Lamination Machines — Advantages Over Pouch Laminators And Important Considerations

Documents that are important to you and must be preserved — should be laminated. Lamination allows you to protect your documents from damage that can be caused by regular wear and tear, such as spills, smudges, rips, water, and other damaging elements. Also, it makes the document more pleasing to look at. Among the different types of lamination machines available out there, heated roll laminators are quite popular and widely used. Heated or thermal roll lamination machines make use of heated rollers to adhere to thermal films at the point of contact with the item.

Advantages Over Pouch Laminators

Just like pouch laminators have different advantages over their roll counterparts, such as ease of use, portability, affordability, and more, roll laminators also carry several advantages over Pouch machines. When it comes to laminating larger items or several smaller items at the same time, roll laminators come out with flying colors. They are extremely fast, making them a better choice over pouch laminators for schools, offices, and other settings where you need to laminate items quickly and in more volume. If you compare the price of films (per square foot), roll laminators are more affordable and help you save more money in the long run. Also, unlike pouch laminators, thermal roll lamination machines do not require a carrier. Simply turn the laminator on, set the temperature, insert the item you want to laminate, and the machine does the rest.

Important Considerations for Roll Laminators

  • Film Thickness - Not every machine can handle all thicknesses. Though lamination films range from 1.5mm to 10mm and cover all paper sizes, for roll laminators, the thermal film generally ranges between 1.5 to 3mm. If you are going to use thicker films, make sure to check whether the thermal roll lamination machine supports it.

  • Price - There are basic to advanced thermal roll lamination machines available on the market to suit simple to robust lamination requirements. To make sure that you don’t end up spending more, prioritize your needs based on your “must-haves” and budget, and then make a selection. 

  • Features - Lamination machines come loaded with features. A laminator that offers you great flexibility to handle different laminating projects, compatible with standard and EZ load film, offers one-touch AutoSpeed, and other important essential features — is generally a better choice.

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