Change the Way You Laminate with the World’s First Fully Automated Desktop Laminator: GBC Foton 30

Though pouch and roll laminators have been the standard-bearers of the lamination industry for a long time and still work fine in small operations, when it comes to lamination at a large scale, they fail! The time and energy required to operate pouch and roll laminators make the laminating process both daunting and prohibitively expensive. Regardless of how quickly the laminator runs, the manual effort required to insert and feed is slow, tedious and has a significant margin for error pertaining to skew and position of the print. Thankfully, with the advent of new automated lamination technology, there is now an affordable way for you to consistently do these jobs with ease and efficiency. Let’s introduce you to the world’s first fully automated desktop laminator with auto-cartridge—GBC Foton 30!

GBC Foton 30

An innovative and revolutionary product launched by ACCO Brands Corporation in May 2019, GBC Foton 30 is a pouch-free laminator that is designed to eliminate common pain points of manual pouch and roll lamination. It is automatic, fast, reliable, and extremely user-friendly. The smart machine allows you to create flawless documents at the touch of a button by automatically detecting film thickness, straightening papers as it feeds, controlling spacing, and trimming the finished documents for neat and even results. All you are required to do is simply insert your documents in the tray, press the run button and that’s it. The auto-threading cartridge Foton 30 pouch-free laminator takes care of the rest—significantly reducing the number of steps and time consumed as compared to the outdated pouch lamination.

Simplify Lamination and Save Time

Loading laminating film becomes super-easy with the auto-threading cartridge Foton 30 pouch-free laminator. Just place the cartridge in the machine, close the lid and start laminating. As simple as that! From loading to automatic laminating and trimming, the GBC Foton 30 lamination system is built to make your job easier and faster. No need to spend hours on manual roll and pouch laminator; finish tasks in minimum time with the fully automated machine. Let the Foton 30 laminator do all the work for you so can you can focus on other projects and multitask.

Some other features to look for in GBC Foton 30 are-

  • Includes a 50' starter cartridge
  • 3 mode options let users laminate letter-size pages, oversize documents, and odd shapes
  • Laminates up to 230 documents per cartridge. A sensor controls spacing to minimize film waste and prevent jams
  • Can Load up to 30 letter-size sheets in the Auto-Feeder
  • Auto deskew straightens pages for even feeding
  • Auto shut off and mil thickness detection

Automated lamination systems offer various advantages over their traditional counterparts, especially for small to medium-size businesses looking to ramp up production and save money and time. Upgrade to GBC Foton 30 and achieve efficiency in your operations.