Revo Flex Automatic Laminator


Revo Flex

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4 Side Trim Fully Automatic Laminator

Join the revolution with the all new Revo Flex next generation fully automatic laminator. The Revo Flex 4 side trimming system allows for true flush cuts or encapsulating a sheet with lamination. The position of the cuts are fully adjustable to create perfect flush cuts or custom size encapsulation borders. No need for additional processing to trim all 4 sides of a sheet. Feeding, laminating, cutting and trimming are now fully automated with the press of the start button.

  • 12.6″ Film width
  • 27.5 – 78″ per minute
  • Process up to 420 sheets per hour
  • Feeder holds up to 200 sheets
  • 4 side internal trimming system for flush cut or encapsulation – with or without margin
  • New no waste run mode eliminates sheet trim
  • Compact design with stand included
  • Automatic paper feed, laminate and cutting in one process with one button push start
  • Automatically stops when complete
  • Adjustable speed for high quality results on various sheet weights and film thickness
  • Simple access from top for easy roll change
  • Adjustable resist roller pressure to stop multi-sheet feeds over a range of paper stocks
  • Easy to use touch panel

Highest quality laminating results
• Lami Corporation authorized roll film
• Sold per roll
• Minimum order: 1 box/2 rolls
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