Money Saving Book Re-Binding for Schools

With rising costs and shrinking budgets schools and libraries are often unable to find the funds to repair damaged books. For a library, a professional repair can cost between $6 and $8 per book; add packaging, labor, lost time, shipping and costs go even higher. Often the book can be out of circulation for up to 6 weeks. In schools text books are expensive and when they begin to deteriorate the damage just accelerates without immediate attention.

Doesn't it make economic sense to own the ability to repair books on demand?

Now Document Finishing Resources offers an affordable solution to repair books in just minutes using our Pro-Bind Thermal Strips.

For 45 cents or less a book can be re-bound, extending it's life and usefulness, keeping it in circulation and preventing further derterioration.

Check out this youtube video to see a hardcover book "reborn" using a Pro-Bind Thermal Strip and the Pro-Bind Binding system.