Pro-Bind PB-1000 Entry Level Thermal Binder -

Pro-Bind PB-1000 Entry Level Thermal Binder

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Pro-Bind 1000

The Pro-Bind 1000 is able to thermal bind soft and hard covers with a simple touch of a button. The binding capacity of the Pro-Bind 1000 fits up to 3/4 spine. This unit is designed for 11" x 8- 1/2" sheet size or smaller and is the junior version of the Pro-Bind 2000. This lightweight system is portable to fit any office needs and only weighs 2 pounds. Other benefits of the Pro-Bind 1000 include an automatic energy saving mode when the unit is not being used as well as factory heat settings Customers who bought the PB-1000 also purchased THERMAL COVERS.


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