PB1000-HC Thermal Binder with HC Crimper


Thermal Hard Cover Binder & Crimper System

Pro-Bind 1000 

The Pro-Bind 1000 thermal binds soft covers with a simple touch of a button. This unit is designed for 11 x 8 1/2 inch sheet size or smaller and has a binding capacity of up to a 3/4 inch spine. This lightweight system weighing in at only 2 pounds is portable and to fits any office needs. Other benefits of the Pro-Bind 1000 include an automatic energy saving mode as well as factory heat settings to minimize operator errors. 
The Crimper gives a professional look to all covers bound with the Pro-Bind 2000 and Pro-Bind 1000. The one-hand operation is easy to use and only takes seconds. There is no warm up time or electrical power needed. It is able to crimp spines 1/8 to 2 inch capacity, creating a professional looking hard bound book with a perfect tight spine. The Pro-Crimper is constructed from quality steel and aluminum weighing approximately 5 lbs.
View PDF Specifications: PhotoBook 1000 System.pdf