GBC EZUse Pouches Thermal Laminating Sheets Letter Size

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Swingline GBC Thermal Laminating Sheets / Pouches Letter Size

Preserve your most important documents. Designed for simple loading and alignment, GBC EZUse Thermal Laminating Pouches are perfect for quick and even lamination.

  • Pouches have UV protection, which prevents fading and discoloration.
  • Alignment guides keep documents centered evenly in the pouch
  • Mil icons on the pouch help you select the best laminator setting
  • Arrow icons help you correctly load the pouch into your laminator
  • Alignment guides, mil icons and arrows disappear after lamination is complete
  • pouches provide solid protection with limited flexibility
  • Compatible with any thermal laminator

Clearer and more rigid finish.

GBC Item# 3740727F 5 mil 200 pcs Letter

GBC Item# 3740728 5 mil Speed Pouch 200 pcs Letter

GBC Item# 3740723 5 mil 150 pcs Letter

GBC Item# 3740724 5 mil Speed Pouch 150 pcs Letter

GBC Item# 3740725 3 mil 200 pcs Letter

GBC Item# 3740726 3 mil Speed Pouch 200 pcs Letter

GBC Item# 3200715CF 3 mil Speed 100 pcs Letter

GBC Item# 3740721 3 mil 150 pcs Letter