Fastback Image Wrapper Machine -

Fastback Image Wrapper Machine


Image Wrapper for use with Powis ImageBack Hardcovers

With the Image Wrapper and ImageBack hardcovers, you can make custom hard covers, quickly and easily, one at a time, in any office environment.

ImageBack Hardcovers

Each cover comes with the adhesive already applied, all you have to do is add your printed cover sheet. Use with the ImageBack Liners, and you can assemble books using the Fastback Hardcover Guide.

For Use with: Image Wrapper
Fastback 20
Fastback 9
Hardcover Guide


Available in standard portrait and landscape sizes:
8.5x11” and A4, A & B spine sizes
8x10” and 12x12", A - C spine sizes
8x8” and 10x10”, A - D spine sizes
Maximum book capacity:
A spine: .25" [6.4mm]
B spine: .5" [12.7mm]
C spine: .75" [19.7mm]
D spine: 1" [25.4mm]
E spine: 1.25" [31.8mm]
F spine: 1.5" [38.1mm]
Custom sizes are also available