Paitec ES2500 Pressure Sealer

ES2500 Pressure Sealer


The most office friendly desktop pressure sealer

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The ES2500 is compact, quiet, easy to operate, and very affordable. Processes up to 3,000 forms per hour with a monthly duty volume of 15,000 pieces. It is the perfect convenience machine for low volume needs. Also features a convenient item counter.

Features our unique angled sealer rollers for superior sealing. There is no better entry level pressure seal machine in the market today.


Perfect Sealing Quality

Easy to Maintain

Low Noise Level

Angled Seal Technology

Compact & Dynamic Design



SPEED 3,000 Forms Per Hour. Perfect For Low Volumes.
INPUT TRAY Up To 80 28# Pressure Seal Forms
DUTY CYCLE Up To 15,000 Forms Per Month. Hundreds Per Day.
FOLD SETTING 11” Z, V, C; 14” Z, V, EZ; Optional 14″ C Fold
FORM SIZES Depth – Up to 14” / Width – Up to 9”
NOISE LEVEL Less than 45 db
WEIGHT 48 Lbs.
DIMENSIONS 13 x 15 x 11 In. (W x L x H)

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