FC114ASP Digital Strike Perf Ready Creasing, Numbering Machine


FC114 ASP Digital Strike Perf Ready Creasing, Numbering Machine


With the FC114 series, you can handle high quality numbering, creasing and perforating all-in-one. The latest addition to the series, the COUNT FC114ASP includes a strike perforating head, capable of partial page and intermittent perforating. Strike perforating makes it easy to create custom 2 and 3-part partitions. This machine utilizes a high speed bottom vacuum feed system. It delivers accurate CAM actuated compression creasing with 2 crease widths, pneumatic numbering up to 24 times virtually anywhere on the sheet, plus rotary, strike and optional micro perforating. It’s a compact, incredibly easy to use and highly versatile “all in one” solution that includes automatic “one-touch” set-ups.
  • The FC114A has a reliable bottom vacuum feed system with a register guide.
  • Simple programming allows you to number, crease or perforate individually.
  • Accommodates inline folders (see COUNT KF-200).
  • Complete perforating assembly included, with linear perf capabilities up to 4 perfs per sheet-optional micro-perf and score wheel assemblies are available.
  • User-friendly touch screen for easy set up and control of the machine.

Creasing features include:

  • Two-sided die creasing rod accommodates for heavier stock-simply remove and flip over to change from narrow to wide crease.
  • Automated distance recognition–allows auto setups for your most common creases and corresponding folds.
  • CAM actuated compression creasing.

Numbering features:

  • Includes reliable pneumatic, Gothic wheel reverse numbering heads–with 7 digits, 4 drop zeros and 4 repeats.
  • Flexibility to apply numbers virtually anywhere on a sheet–from lead edge, place numbers within 1 mm of previous number.
  • Number single sheets, or crash number up to a 10-part carbonless form.
  • Choice of black or red ink, in patented self-inking disposable cartridges–no re-inking required!–for approx. 25,000 impressions per cartridge.
  • Program each numbering head individually for multiple numbering.
  • Product Specifications

    Model Number
    Paper Feed
    Max Crease Speed
    Max Perf/Score Speed
    Paper Weight Range
    60 – 350
    Max Sheet Size
    24.0 L x 18.0 W in (61.0 x 45.7 cm)
    Min Sheet Size
    4.5 L x 6.0 W in (11.4 x 15.2 cm)
    Max Crease Locations per Sheet
    Max Perf/Score Locations per sheet
    Paper Fold Options
    Bi-Fold, Tri-Fold, Z-Fold, Letter Fold, Roll Fold, Gate Fold, Double Gate Fold, Double Parallel Fold, Perfect Bind: No Hinge, Single Hinge, Double Hinge
    Touch Screen Controls
    Product Dimensions
    63.0" L x 29.0" W x 43.0" H
    Product Weight
    220 lbs (100 kg)
    110 V, 50 Hz, or 220 V, 60 Hz (Check before purchasing)
    Max Numbering Speed
    Numbering Heads