Rubber Stamp Making Business Opportunity

A rubber stamp making business? You're kidding right? Take a minute and look at the following information.

Do you know how big the Stamp Business is in North America? Got a guess?

Well, low estimates come in at $500,000,000. High end estimates at $1 Billion. Most believe it is between $700 MM and $800 MM.

If you are still paying attention think about the potential opportunities an on-demand rubber stamp making business might mean to your personal or your business income growth. 

You see:

"After introducing the integrated ink pad 40 years ago, the stamp industry has developed a new and revolutionary manufacturing method for stamps: the permanent stamp -also known as Flash Stamp, because it is produced with a flash-unit. Sharp and even imprints of best quality characterize these kinds of stamps."

So with our "modico" rubber stamp making exposure unit, "modico" stamp kits and inks, a laser printer and internet access you can be in business making high quality, high resolution rubber stamps for any current or new customers, all at high profit margins! No more waiting days, paying freight or settling for bland generic type faces or inferiorly made low quality rubber stamps.


Besides being an inexpensive business investment (under $3000) this unique system offers an incredible product line that you can to sell to potential clients. High quality, finely detailed traditional rubber stamps, an array of unheard of imprint dimensions; award winning round stamps, customized golf ball stamps made from aircraft aluminum, unique pen stamps and office ink, fast dry ink, fabric ink all in multiple colors including UV.

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