DFR displaying new products at "Buy the Big O" show October 9th.

Document Finishing is exhibiting at the Buy the Big O show at Centurylink Center on October 9th. We will be featuring the modico rubber stamp making system in Booth 761. A representative from modico will be there to demonstrate how to make a custom stamp in 90 seconds. Numerous and unique samples including an award winning picture image stamp will be displayed.

Who knew rubber stamp products were a multi billion dollar market? What does this mean for our clients?

Well, customers interested in starting a profit generating, protected, rubber stamp making business can purchase equipment and supplies through DFR as early as October 9th. Corporate clients can purchase a rubber stamp making system for in-house use and save a ton of time and expense versus outsourcing. Of course we will also offer retail pricing for clients in need of small quantity stamps.

We will also be featuring the Opus MetalBind hardcover book binding system and the brand new ALM 3222 Auto Laminator for small format digital output.

I hope you will take some time out of your day and visit us in booth 761!