Video Demos of Punch & Binding Equipment: Just a Piece of the Puzzle

It's now a little easier to narrow down your specific desktop binding need using on-line videos of a manufacturer. One excellent  example I appreciate is Performance Design, Inc. of Utah. ( They also happen to be one of our vendors.

PDI is an American company that manufacturers a wide assortment of very high quality punch and binding equipment. PDI's on-line videos are terrific for determining the general capability of various models and when combinded with the type of expertise and technical experience Document Finishing brings to the table you can be confident that you are making an informed decision.

The internet is great and the videos very helpful but without the assistance of an experienced dealer your decisions are clouded by price and price alone. You might not appreciate that you will really need installation, training and retraining for new hires. The training alone will help avoid unintended mistakes and even equipment damage that will not be covered by a warranty; even one as fantastic as PDI's three year coverage. An what about warranty work if the equipment malfunctions? It's important to be working with a dealer who has a local vested interest in your success. Would you rather learn through costly trial and error or get experienced advice on set-up and work flow that will only be an option with a local dealer.

In short, there is no problem narrowing down a need on the internet but that's really only a piece of the puzzle when making a decision that can affect the success of your business. Complete the puzzle by working with a dealer near you.