New Metal Binding System to Replace Your ChannelBind Supply

 For those customers who have previously used the ChannelBind hard cover binding system we now offer an alternative system that is both more layflat and 100% secure. The Metal Bind system uses  hard or soft coves for binding but is different from the old ChannelBind system in a couple of very important ways. Metal Bind is first and foremost much more secure in both it's ability to hold internal document pages securely and because the metal is a separate externally bound component there is never any chance that the document will fall apart as is seen in so many of the ChannelBind products. Another nice feature of Metal Bind is customers need to order only a supply of various sized metal channels to bind books of various thicknesses. One cover set can be used with any metal channel. This cuts down on inventory space and reduces investment costs in supplies.


Here's a link to one of the new metal bind machines, which is also much easier to use than the ChannelBind system!

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