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BENEFITS: Neat, clean, durable, strong yet flexible and light weight. The fastest growing segment of the mechanical binding industry, driven by consumer demand. Additional benefts are:
  • Easy-to use.
  • Pages won't pull apart.
  • Coils don't distort, crack, chip or have sharp edges to scratch or snag.
  • Great for documents that will be sent through the mail.
  • Available in a wide range of colors.
  • Bound books lay flat when opened.
  • Will fold back a full 360 degrees.

APPLICATIONS: Reports, books, surveys, sales presentations, reference materials, training manuals, cookbooks, calendars, notebooks.

SYSTEMS & FEATURES: Available in manual and electric models. Many models punch patterns for comb and wire binding. Inexpensive units are limited in the number of sheets they can punch at one time which will slow production considerably. Also available are combined coil binding work stations with an integrated spiral inserting device and built in cut and crimp assembly.

COST: Manual machines range from about $795 to $1,995; electric systems from $1,800.00 up to $6,000.00. 

HOW IT WORKS: Plastic coils are a continuous spiral that spins into the documents through punched oval or round holes. Once inserted, the ends are cut and crimped to prevent the coil from "twisting" out of the book. Machines punch the holes and the coils can be inserted by hand or with a machine. The cutting and crimping is accomplished either with a special pair of pliers or another machine.

DOCUMENT THICKNESS: Determining what size coil to use is fast and easy. Measure the thickness of the document you are binding and determine the diameter, then bump it up 2 sizes for the correct coil diameter for Binding.

Example: If you have a 1/2 inch book(13mm) you will need to bind it with a 15mm Coil. 

PRODUCTION SPEED: Production speed depends on the thickness of the document and the equipment used. Typical example: Binding a 1/2 inch document with semi automatic equipment may range from 1 a low of 150 books per hour up to 250

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