Vivid Matrix Duo MD-460 -

Vivid Matrix Duo MD-460


Vivid Matrix Duo MD-460

The Matrix Duo is a multipurpose single/double sided roll fed system ideal for both laminating and encapsulating.

The Matrix Duo is an innovative laminating system designed for laminating and encapsulating.

The Matrix Duo gives the flexibility of single side lamination, encapsulation and even double side lamination, providing an affordable and effective solution, compared to outsourcing.


Key Features:

  • 5ft a minute
  • 3” & 1” core
  • adjustable anti-curl bar
  • single sided lamination
  • encapsulation
  • double sided lamination

Great for use in:

  • digital printers
  • in-house print rooms
  • copy and print shops

Ideally suited for:

  • business cards
  • menus
  • brochures
  • posters & prints
  • book covers

          Specifications for the Vivid Matrix Duo MD-460

          Laminating Speed 5 feet/min
          Max. Width 18 inches
          Warm-up Time 10 mins
          Laminating Temperature Range 32-284 °F
          Film Core 1 & 3 inches
          Power Supply AC 220/240v, 50Hz
          Power Supply AC 110v, 60Hz
          Power Supply Required – Amps
          Power Consumption 950 W
          Overall Dimensions 28 inches
          Overall Dimensions – Depth x Height 19×16 inches
          Gross Machine Weight 99 lbs
          Warranty 1 Year*