Challenge Spartan 185 SA


Spartan 185 SA Model (Semi-Automatic)

  • Manual Clamping – hand-wheel operation.
  • Manual Backgauge Control – hand-wheel control.
  • LED Digital Backgauge Position Indicator with ±0.01" (±0.1mm) backgauge accuracy - provides for easier operator interface, higher productivity, and easier repeatable accuracy than a hard to read indicator on a scale as is used with other brands.
  • Electric Powered Cutting – 1-1/2HP gear drive motor.
  • Laser Red LED Cut Line Light - produces a bright easy to see cut line.
  • Safe - two-hand push button controls and front and rear table safety shields.
  • Auto-Releasing Front Safety Shield - automatically pops open after each cut cycle is completed. This unique benefit eliminates the need for the operator to manually lift the front shield in order to retrieve or adjust the stock after a cut providing increased productivity and operator ease-of-use.
  • Heavy-Duty steel, cast iron, and cast aluminum construction gives the cutter "Challenge" durability.
  • UHMW Gibs on front and back of knife bar require zero maintenance and have lifetime durability.
  • Eliminates lubricant on knife bar that can spoil stock.
  • Maintenance Free – the LED cut-line light and UHMW Gibs result in the SPARTAN 185 being virtually maintenance-free with lifetime durability.
Cutting Width: 18-1/2" / 47cm
Clamp Opening: 3" / 7.6 cm
Minimum Cut: 1" / 2.5 cm
Maximum Cut: 17-1/2" / 44.5 cm
Table Space In front of knife 13" / 33 cm
Overall Height 52-3/4" / 134 cm
Overall Width 32-1/4" / 82 cm
Overall Length 41" / 104 cm
Shipping Weight (approximate) 700 lbs. / 318 kg

120 Volts AC, Single Phase, 60 Hz, Service Size: 20Amps
Requires receptacle type: NEMA 5-20R
U.L. Listed