RHS-1151 45" Dual Thermal and PSA

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45" Dual Thermal and PSA Roll Laminator 


Quick Overview
•45” wide dual thermal and cold pressure sensitive roll laminator great for laminating, encapsulating, and mounting
•5/8” max nip permits laminating and mounting on substrates up to 5/8” thick
•Digital controls for speed, foot pedal for hands-free operation, and wheel casters for moving around the work area
•Auto-grip hubs allow for quick and easy replacement of laminating film
•9 memory channels for fast access to previously used speed and heat settings
•Quick notch system allows for fast and easy nip gap adjustments for varying substrate thicknesses

Video of RHS-1651 (similar features to the RHS-1151)

45 Inch Dual Hot and Cold Wide Format Roll Laminator

45” Wide Format Roll Laminator for both thermal and pressure lamination, encapsulation as well as mounting of printed output. Economical, high quality thermal and pressure-sensitive laminating and mounting up to 5/8 inch.


- Compact design
- Maximum laminating temperature 320˚F
- Document guides for straight feeding of material
- Rear cross cutter for removing laminated documents
- Easy load film supply shafts
- High quality heated silicone rubber rollers
- Maximum laminating width 45 inches
- Mounting up to 5/8 inch thick
- Emergency safety stops
- Auto Off and Standby modes
- Nine programmable memory presets
- Dust cover

Product Specifications

Dimensions 59” x 26” x 48” (1500 x 660 x 1090 mm)

Unit Weight 373 lbs. (170 Kgs.)

Dimensions (Crated) 66” x 36” x 58” (1675 x 914 x 1470 mm)

Unit Weight (Crated) 617 lbs. (280 Kgs.)