Rhino 7000 Wire Punch & PALM lifter & APES-14 auto ejector

Rhinotuff Wire HD7000 with PALM & APES14. Comes with one free standard die. Choose round or square hole wire pattern. ***CALL or EMAIL FOR CURRENT SALES PRICE*** These systems are used for comb binding, coil binding, and wire binding. Our breakthrough engineering originated the convenience of interchangeable dies, allowing one punch machine to be used for multiple punching applications. We also offer the space-saving innovation of modular binding modules, which free up counter space and increase productivity. Whether the need is to increase productivity in a copy center or digital printing environment, or to add the convenience of doing binding in-house for a professional office, Rhinotuff has the binding, print finishing, or document handling solution for you. Rhinotuff is a world leader in the engineering and manufacturing of durable and dependable document finishing systems. Document Finishing Resources has proudly distributed Rhino machines since 1999.
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