modico 4P Rubber Stamp


modico 4P stamp  

  • Imprint size:  57mm x 20mm ( 13/16" x 2-1/4" ) POCKET STAMP

    Includes:   Mount, Template & Cartridge

    Choose:    Mount color (black, red, blue, green dark blue)

    Choose:    Imprint color (black, red, blue, green, violet & UV)

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  • Go to to upload your image and design your stamp image, (username & password="'demo")


The ink for the "ordinary“ stamp. The modico® office stamping-ink is oil-based, soaks in quickly into the surface and is wiping-proof rapidly. You can choose from the ink colors black, blue, red, green, purple and an invisible UV ink. The modico office stamping-ink is used in the M-, P-, D- and S-series and is, according to DIN ISO 14145-2, certified as indelible. This means it complies with paragraph 29 of the official regulations for solicitors and therefore can be used for official certifications. substrates colored fancy paper, cardboard, paperboard containers, catalogues, sticky notes, strong paper, paper, paperboard, recycled paper, thermal paper. Examples of use library documents, envelopes, data carriers (with paper labels), documents, labels (uncoated, unvarnished), tickets, folded boxes (uncoated), forms, back side of photos, brochures, certificates (indelible).