Drytac MHL Lustre UV 3.0 Mil Low Temperature Film, 3 sizes

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Drytac MHL„ Lustre 3 mil Thermal Low Melt Film
3" core, for wide-format overlamination applications

on these films.

Roll Size:
  • MLD38503 (38" x 500')
  • MLD43503 (43" x 500')
  • MLD51503 (51" x 500')
MHL Lustre™ UV is a laminating film with a luster finish that reduces undesired glare and reflection.
Activation temperature 185-195°F/85-91°C.

SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS: This film is recommended for images that will be viewed under direct lighting conditions. Low sheen with minimal loss of contrast or sharpness makes MHL Lustre UV particularly desirable. Its many uses include POP displays, courtroom presentations, etc.

Technical Specification

Finish: Luster
Base Film: 0.5 mil (13 micron) polyester
Adhesive: 2.5 mil (62 micron) coextruded polyethylene copolymer
Release Liner: None
Initial Tack: None
Application Temperature: 190°F–220°F (88°C–104°C)
Application Speed: 1'–10' (0.3m–3.0m) per minute