IN VZ 28/35 w/ 2.2KW 3/4" -

IN VZ 28/35 w/ 2.2KW 3/4"


Industrial shredder, shreds anything

3/4 inches

Reliably disintegrates CDs, videocassettes, carbon tapes, PCBs, tin cans and plastic bottles. | There is often a need to disintegrate special materials to protect company interests or from safety reasons. | Three standard models with optional extras are now available as modular system to build almost any customised application, which will incorporate a cost-efficient and safe solution with top performance. | All operating functions are controlled electronically via SPS after the start switch has been activated. | Disintegration of material to be shredded through wear and tear protected cutting cylinders made of hardened steel. | Service friendly cutting cylinders that consist of changeable cutting discs and cams, which both can be re-ground. Extensive assortment of accessories available on request.

  • Manual ON/OFF control
  • Auto Stop/Reverse/Restart
  • Sheet steel housing with roll-out receptacle
Cutting size paper: 3/4 inches
Supply voltage: 400 Volt
Noise level: 70 db(A)
Cutting zone: 280 x 350
Width: 42 inches
Depth: 42 inches