GBC System Four VeloBind -

GBC System Four VeloBind

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System Four Bind, Velobind


This finisher is ideal for high-volume VeloBind‚ projects. Pair it next to a heavy-duty punch to double your output. The flat surface and pressure bar hold stacks from 3 to 750 sheets securely in place while an internal heated knife seals and trims the spine.

Main Features

  • Electric push-button operation
  • Built-in debind function lets you edit presentations
  • Ready light indicates when system is ready to use
  • Adjustable paper alignment guide
  • Binds sheets up to 14"

Specifications Details

  • Weight 32 lbs. Sheet Size 14"
  • Productivity Documents 1" or less: 8 sec./cycle
  • Machine Weight 32 lbs.
  • Power Requirements 120V, 60Hz, 8A
  • Safety CSA certified Binding Capacity Up to 3" (750 sheets)*
  • Maximum Binding Length 14"
  • Binding Cycle Speed Documents 1" or less: 8sec./cycle
  • Supplies VeloBind
  • Warranty 90 days
  • Safety Certification CSA certified
  • GBC Item #9707027
  • Link to Velobind/Surebind Strip supplies