Cutter Stick- Ideal/MBM/Triumph/Scheider Senator -

Cutter Stick- Ideal/MBM/Triumph/Scheider Senator


White Plastic Cutting Stick


9/16" x 9/16" - 14 x 14mm - .551 x .551

(Priced per each stick)

 "BLADE-SAVER" Cutting Sticks are made from a proprietary compound known as KimoPlastic, and are engineered with natural self healing and self lubricating characteristics that keep your valuable blade safe. Our research shows that you can expect up to 35% longer knife life between sharpenings.
STANDARD WHITE: The standard by which all sticks are measured. It’s resiliency, self-healing and non-abrasive
characteristics will not compromise blade life. Recommended for use with every grade of steel knife.
STANDARD RED: Non-abrasive material similar to the standard white stick. Recommended for use with every grade of steel knife.
HEAVY DUTY RED: Long-lasting, durable material harder than standard white and red. Recommended for heavy-duty cutting operations.
PREMIUM: Most resilient, self-healing material on the world market. Elasticity allows the stick to recover its shape and size quickly from knife cuts. Recommended for all cutting operations, particularly those running extended hours. Exceptional performance with high speed steel or carbide knives.
RED PREMIUM: Same qualities as our regular premium material.
HERCULITE: Extremely durable materials made exclusively for three-knife trimmers including Kolbus, Muller Martini, Wohlenberg and Lawson.