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Pouchjet pro II




 (Available in NE & IA only- call sales at 866-781-2463)

The Pouchjet pro II lamination machine is equipped with an extremely high-performance and reliable 8-roller system, 4 transport rollers and 4 quartz heated rollers guarantee lightning fast laminating with outstanding quality. Available with a 5 year warranty.

The SMARTPILOT takes over the complete laminating procedure. It identifies the inserted smartpouch automatically and decides with what speed and temperature the smartpouch will proceed.

QUICKSTART. The innovative pouchjet pro II laminating system has a short warm-up time. The laminating device is ready for action in as little as 1 minute.

HIGHSPEED. We weld our laminating pouch on the long side. This side is inserted first into the device, which means a 30% time saving compared to traditionally-welded laminating films.

ZEROSTATIC. Smartpouches are now electrically discharged in a special manufacturing procedure. We call the result ZEROSTATIC. Now the paper no longer sticks to the laminating film! This makes it even simpler to insert and position documents in the laminating pouch.

TURBOSYSTEM. The fastest laminating system in the world. The pouchjet pro II laminates 10 documents in less than a minute. (Example: Letter size smartpouch, turbo).