DigiBinder Plus Promotion PerfectBinder Machine

Limited Time Promotion includes $500 worth of Glue, DigiBinder Plus & Tray

Ends February 28, 2017

THE STERLING DIGIBINDER PLUS is the big brother to one of America's most popular perfect binders.

Like THE STERLING DIGIBINDER, THE STERLING DIGIBINDER®  PLUS is a fully automated, table top perfect binder. The pneumatic clamp and the nipper adjust automatically. The unique roughing blade roughs and notches the entire backbone of the book. This allows for the binding of coated and oil infused stocks. Twin glue rollers ensure an even glue application. The machine also produces book blocks for hard cover binding. In addition it also has automatic vacuum removal, a safety cover, and comes with it's own stand. 

There is absolutely no set up on the machine. Go from thick books to thin books without any adjustments! Bind up to 360 books per hour up to 2 inches thick! Small enough for an office, the Digibinder is also ideal for in plant and on demand printers. Good for runs of 3, 300, or 3,000, one touch perfect binding is here with THE STERLING DIGIBINDER PLUS.

Standard Features:

  • Auto Clamp
  • Auto Nipping
  • Notching/Roughing
  • Fume Exhaust
  • Stand
  • Vacuum Assist
  • Safety Cover


  • Digi-Glue 90 - Specially formulated for use with bond and offset paper stocks.
  • Digi-Glue 94 - Specially formulated for use with Gloss and coated paper stocks.
  • Digi-Glue 2928 - Specially formulated for use with color copy digital print output.

360 per hour

2" max thickness