Choosing a Shredder

 There are many things to consider when purchasing a paper shredder and all the variables can seem overwhelming. After all, the privacy of your information is at stake so it’s important to make the right selection. With sheet capacity, motor size and waste volume to consider, the following questions will help you narrow down your selection to only a few models.

While making a selection, it’s important to remember that your shredding volume will increase with time, so be sure to factor in growth when making a decision. 

How much will you be shredding each day?
  • How frequently you shred confidential documents has a significant bearing on which machine will fit your needs. While all machines can handle daily and weekly shredding, our larger shredders are better suited for monthly and quarterly shredding of large volumes of material.
How many people will be using the shredder?
  • The number of people using a shredder and their individual requirements can vary greatly. Try to obtain an idea of the collective needs of your team or department to base your decision on. The larger the shredder is, the more users it was designed for, and the greater the waste volume it can hold.
What level of security do you require?
  • Security Level P2: Strip Cut Particles - For shredding sensitive internal documents
  • Security Level P3 & P4: Cross Cut Particles - For shredding confidential documents
  • Security Level P5: Extremely Fine Cross Cut Particles - For shredding highly sensitive documents
  • Security Level P6: Espionage safe for extremely high demands of security
  • Security Level P7: NSA/CSS specification 02-01 which is the current standard for the destruction of Top Secret COMSEC documents
Is the DAHLE CleanTEC® right for you?
  • For those interested in upgrading their shredder to include fine dust filtration and revolutionary safety features, we offer the newly  developed DAHLE CleanTEC® - The World's Most Advanced Shredder.